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John Hinde Collection


Project and social media manager / website / photo restoration


Michelle Abadie built and designed www.johnhindecollection in 2010, which is the most comprehensive online archive of classic John Hinde postcards from the 1960s and 1970s. She also designed and printed some business cards to promote the website.


A year later, together with photographer Marcus Davies, they started to scan and digitally restore the first batch of transparencies from John Hinde Ltd. Over the last seven years they have cleaned and restored over 89 original John Hinde transparencies. The edition prints were launched at Vintage Festival July 2011 at the Royal Festival Hall, South Bank in London and since then they have been exhibited worldwide and have had extensive press coverage.


As well as the extensive digital photo restoration done on the John Hinde original prints, Michelle has an interest in old photographs, and photo management and restoration has become a regular part of her work.


Project Management

Michelle Abadie project manages the Collection, including planning exhibitions; negotiating and writing contracts; managing press and social media; seeking, negotiating and promoting exhibitions, including touring shows; promoting and marketing limited edition art prints and all relevant events; organising license payments; keeping the profile of the prints in the printed and social media.


For more information on Michelle Abadie’s role in project managing John Hinde Collection, please click here.



Nothing to Write Home About

Curated by Sue Beale and Michelle Abadie; designed and laid out by Michelle Abadie; 2007. It documents the heyday of the British holiday postcard. They have lovingly compiled a collection of John Hinde postcards and the messages written on them by holidaymakers between 1960s and 1980s.


John Hinde Collection 

Curated, designed and laid out by Michelle Abadie for self publication in 2018. It is the only book of previously unpublished photographs by John Hinde Studio photographers, which have been restored by John Hinde Collection.


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